• Raven and Ram

    Illustration of a scene from podcast The Adventure Zone by the McElroy brothers.

    rnr thum
  • Blue

    "What's the use of feeling, Blue?"

    blu thum


  • I'm Here

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    Here come a thought....

    Stevonnie belongs to Steven Universe/Rebecca Sugar

    imhere pre
  • Quartz Sibling Bonding

    Steven Universe characters belong to Rebecca Sugar

    quartz sibs pre
  • Lab Lizard

    Alphys belongs to Undertale / Toby Fox

    lab lizard
  • Fish Are Friends

    Undyne belongs to Undertale / Toby Fox.

    fish wife
  • Something Entirely New

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    Garnet belongs to Steven Universe/ Rebecca Sugar.

    entirely new


  • Bird is the Word

    Sam Wilson / The Falcon belongs to Marvel Comics.

    bird is the word
  • Down

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    Malachite belongs to Steven Universe / Rebecca Sugar



  • A Blinking Light Up On The Mountain

    a blinking light up on the mountain


  • I Am Found

    Tamika Flynn belongs to Welcome to Night Vale.

    tamika thumb
  • Night Vale Transit Authority

    Deer-Masked Transit Authority Spokesperson belongs to Welcome to Night Vale.

    transitauthority thumb
  • Slendernyan 2

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    Nyan Cat belongs to Christopher Torres. Slenderman belongs to the restless nightmares of the collective unconscious.

    slendernyan2 thumb


  • Jellyfish Princess

    Tsukimi belongs to Princess Jellyfish. Princess concept inspired by Adventure Time.

    jelly princess thumb
  • Nyan Cat vs. Slenderman

    Nyan Cat belongs to Christopher Torres. Slenderman belongs to the dark subconscious of the internet hivemind.

    slendernyan thumb
  • Tiny Deathwing

    Deathwing belongs to World of Warcraft.

    bbydeathwing thumb
  • Twisted Tricksters

    The Duke of Detroit belongs to Disney's Motorcity. Coyote belongs to Gunnerkrigg Court.

    coyoteduke thumb
  • Black Mirror

    'Red' belongs to Disney's Motorcity.

    black mirror thumb